here be dragons;
I'm called Merry and fictional worlds fill my soul with stars. This blog is filled with them, my attempts at being an author (i wanna be one one day) and photoshop accidents... Welcome!
about me
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I Love:

  • Awesome movies
  • Harry Potter
  • Doctor Who
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Quotes
  • Cool graphics
  • Tim Burton movies
  • Superheroes
  • Good looking British people
  • Neil Gaimanne
  • Generally funny and nerdy stuff
  • To hate Rose Tyler (sorry if you’re a rose fan I just can’t stand her!)
  • Telling you about the weird stuff that happens to me cos I love this stuff

I “Ship” (I don’t really like using that word, can’t tell you why) 

  • River Song & the Doctor
  • Sherlock and Irene
  • Sherlock & Amy
  • Neville & Luna
  • Many others, too many to count.

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